Thursday, March 31, 2016

Posh Obsessions: Finding my way Part 2 > Societe Urbane

May I introduce Société Urbane?

In thinking about what I wanted to embark upon next, I went back to the basic tenets: who are you, what would you do if no one paid you, what do you love, by what principles and values do you want to live your life?  And most importantly do you want those dictated to you? (uhhh no).  

And yes of course the answers were familiar... success, the good life, love and happiness.  But it was also beauty.  I’ve always been attracted to beauty and how I can create it in the unlikeliest of circumstances. Picking the best from the worst, mixing high/low and sometimes just plain low/low... before it was a thing.  Or as my friend put it "making everything look good..." (Thx love!).

As my style POV has evolved,  I realized my two ultimate loves stood staunchly in two disparate camps...'minimalism' and 'boho chic'.  Quite an interesting intersection...well did you read my post yesterday?  And what do I love most? Accessories and shoes.  Well I wasn't interested in pursuing a career in the fine art of cobbling (well at least not yet), but I knew that I had a innate ability to make jewelry.  No, I'm not smelting anything quite yet but I do make a mad loop. 

The ultimate aesthetic of what I hope to achieve with Société Urbane  is mixing the coolest elements of both minimalism/boho chic and seeing what evolves.  It's certainly not easy and has been an interesting creative process.  But one I have say I have loved.  I'm working on creating new pieces over next month or so and evolving my shop.  Stay tuned to the journey and evolution. For more info follow me on Insta @SocieteUrbane and see the store at Stay Posh!

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Posh Obsessions: Finding My Way! anyone out there!? Did you miss me?  I missed u...terribly.....

As some may have noticed I took a hiatus from the blog.  In the midst of everything that was going became a bit of beast to manage. 

After taking some months of soul searching on how all of my passions should intersect...this blog, my recently launched jewelry line (and ultimately accessories line) etc. I came to the conclusion that I did still love the blog.  But I wanted it to evolve. 

In its new incarnation I wanted it to provide a voice that I think is growing but still not where it should be.  Diversity...bringing more light to all the muti-hued lovers of fashion, beauty and design.  I'd grown a bit burnt out on seeing the same paper dolls getting all the attention.   I love my pale (or tan) blonde sisters as much as the next but there is so much more to see.  We've got to broaden our perspective of what beautiful is.  

What I know for sure is that as much as I traveled the world, the places I find most exciting are the places with true melding of cultures...centuries of complex, courageous and gorgeous integrations (And I don't mean cultural appropriations--some of ya'll need to watch that...braid trend spawned by some UFC champ or Kim if...good brief braids have been a staple of tribal and urban style for decades albeit centuries..please don't make me go there with you).  

As an American (which I proudly say when we are acting right!), I truly I believe our greatness  is due to the melting and mixture of many cultures, ways of thinking and doing.  As much as a loud minority would hate to admit--the best of you and in LARGE PART America didn't come from the purity of a blood line or the ingenuity of one group.  Very much the exact opposite. Google inbred.  You're welcome.  

As far as the blog goes my ultimate mission remains firm to curate the fashions and people that move me.  Join me as I journey through this fashion, beauty and design world that we all love -albeit with a bit more diversity.  Hopefully, you'll discover something ( or someone ) you've never seen or thought to see. 

image via@shadesofblackness

Friday, March 25, 2016

Posh Obsession: Blushing for Spring with


Focus on what makes you happy. Put your time and energy towards 

positivity and THAT is what will manifest. The universe is working on 
your behalf even when you aren't aware of it. - #BELIEVE that. Which
 brings me to why we are here today...the first post since my mini-break
...more on that later.  On to the fun stuff! 

Spring is just around the corner so it’s time to start thinking about 

Spring Wardrobe Essentials. I was approached by to 
create a Spring outfit inspired by pastel Pantone Colors...Err ummm.  
Elephant in the room, "I am Natasha and I am addicted to black." 
However, on an odd day or two you can find me rocking a little color.  
More often than not, it's muted or a print.  I currently have a printed
legging addiction which needs to be addressed but I digress... 

OK OK OK back to my choice...a blushing pink. Surprised? I love this color 

as it is generally flattering on most skin tones.  And ultra feminine without 
being sickeningly sweet.  Make sense?  This outfit of course is if money were
no object,I mean do you see this Moschino jacket {swoon} but you get the idea.  
I must point out how I love the slightly shrunken look of the jacket 
which helps it pair well with the top and not overwhelm.

I created two sets of accessories to show how to take the outfit from day to 
night.  The platforms are perfect for a day of lunch and stylish errand running.
The heels with the vintage look denim is just spectacular. {These jeans are
men's btw, you know I love a tomboy style cue} Oh and two sets of sunnies too, 
I mean the days are getting longer you can wear nighttime sunnies at least 
through sunset cocktails. Bunny ears are purely optional.  All of these items 
can be found on