Friday, April 29, 2016

Posh Beauty! Friday Face

SQUAD Yonce and Crew looking at Jay Z like "I ain't Sorry"

It's Friyay!!!!

Ok like the rest of the world or I should clarify anyone that's part of the world that appreciates any real leap by an artist to push creativity forward and change how you think about music (OK off of my high horse) ---I was literally floored this week by Bey's LEMONADE visual album.

My usual take on the mega pop stars is that they can usually be a little too manufactured. I like my music independent, underground, creative and relevant. Well Yonce put that gripe to rest...for now at least.  I'm not sure how she at once touched on the complexity of her marriage, the universal plight and marginalization of women of color (Hear me-- Becky with the Good Hair--I died), the complexity of issues facing African-Americans/Americans and race, motherhood, Fashion (the best revenge is looking good),  Hair, the miracle of a good foundation (flawless underwater too??? give that MUA an award), the diversity of beauty, how many awesome genres of music we are culturally responsible for...I mean I could go on.  IMHO it was epic.  I watched it three times in a row.  Then proceeded to download it the next day to watch it again.

Anyway it is for that reason this crew is the Friday Face...Serena we see you too!

Stay Posh!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Posh Obsession! NARS: 2016 Summer Collection

Anyone that reads this blog or knows me is aware of the fact that I am a big NARS fan.  I have been for years.  Prior to discovering NARS I experimented very little with make-up.  For brown girls it was always a disappointing affair to buy something that looked so gorgeous in the ad or in the tube at the drugstore and have it end up being nothing close to cute or special on you...sigh.

MAC and NARS (and Prescriptives--long since gone) were the first mega mainstream brands to acknowledge that brown girls existed.  Yes, there were niche 'specialty' brands that served this purpose or big brands that offered "shade dark." But who wants to always be relegated to some special section in the department store to purchase "your products" or have two items to choose from in a collection that encompasses over 40! Or worse still look at the panicked look of the makeup artist who is unaccustomed to dealing with a variety of skin tones.  Don't get me started on the hair products being on the last dusty shelf. Thank you Target for fixing that nonsense. 

While I like MAC,  I LOVE  NARS.  The brand spoke to me from first intro.  From the chic matte black packaging,  the fashion cred of its creator, the on trend color selection and of course the iconic perfection of the products (Dragon Girl, Orgasm, Love Joy check); the product albeit pricy reeked of understated high-end quality.  And the pigmentation! Colors that popped instead of going ashy and milling so fine the product would glide on... NARS was legit and he/they agreed I was legit too...worthy of being celebrated in their brand's wider spectrum of what beauty is or can be... truly. With that in mind I stay loyal to this brand always.

I think their new Summer Collection is fun. Truth be told I got drawn in on this one because OMG the packaging.  But, yes I'm excited about the two summer red lippies which look to be the best suited for my skin tone...BUT I'm most excited about getting my hands on #prettybrowngirl box.

View the full NARS  2016 Color Collection here available now in stores and online.

Gorgeous packaging designed by Konstantin Kakanias

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Posh Style! Slouchy Trousers

Decidedly cool and chic at the same time.  Virtually impossible combo to master...but they did it. Stay Posh!

with Birks

Leath-ahhhh--Caroline de Maigret

Tina Lueng--cropped

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Posh Style Alert! We Doin Ball Caps Again

After that awful Von Dutch affair trucker hats, baseball caps and the like sort of fell out of favor.  I am feeling like enough time has passed that we can start re-rocking these with pride. Here a few cool examples of rocking b-ball caps in unexpected ways. Stay Posh!

girl in shibyu tokyo



images via: pinterest, streetppr, style-arena

Monday, April 25, 2016

Posh Quotes! Monday Motivation: The Time is Now

This whole Prince thing has cast a shadow on things…I needed time to process.  I used to side eye at the old documentaries where people were going nuts over death of John Lennon and Elvis. But now I understand it a bit more. Between Prince, Michael Jackson and Whitney that was my youth.  All gone fairly quickly and some would argue before their time. 

Prince had just performed in my city for two nights.  I passed on seeing him thinking this wasn't the best time to spend money on a pricey concert ticket. Plus, I've seen him perform 3 times before in super intimate settings.  Yes, I've lived a pretty charmed life-- realizing that more and more.  

Presumptively, I hypothesized that I'd have at least one more chance to see him in life before he officially hung up his purple heeled boots. He's in his 50s still in great shape, looking good, voice still strong... So wrong, obviously. I won't say I regret not seeing him.  I kind of like the fact that the image of him that always floats to the top is one of him looking gorgeous and youthful performing in a small club on South Beach, Miami...close enough for me to touch him. I may have touched him, I was too high on life to tell...was it a dream? Was it real...?  Hair flowing, eyeliner poppin , heel game stronger than mine...that's how I choose to remember him. 

I've been working a lot lately on not procrastinating.  This applies to not just the mundane things in life but also the big ones...should I take the trip or not...should I say what I am feeling or wait for a better now the right time to change careers.   More and more the universe keeps affirming now is the time. Tomorrow is not promised.  

If there is something you want to do in life start doing the work of figuring out how to get it done.  Want to go to Paris before you die...start stalking the budget travel sites, if getting the body that deserves to be shown off in a bikini is important to you--put the bucket of ice cream down,  reconciliation with a family member--make the call,  always wanted to take music lessons... check out the schedule at your local community college...the list goes on...  If you want it (and it serves you), do it now.   Stay Posh!

            "Life is death without taking chances” (Prince 1984)

Friday, April 22, 2016

Posh Beauty! Friday Face

In honor of always being the "biggest" woman in Barre class.  Celebrate curves and another pretty face!

I am advocate for a healthy lifestyle.  I am not an advocate for unhealthy lifestyles i.e. severe obesity being masked and celebrated as "plus sized" and or "thick."

But to be clear,  as they say bones are for dogs...Stay Posh!

Ashley Graham

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Posh Style! White Party

Nothing chicer than the absence of color...these ladies are working the white on white look.  A little Diddy-esque.  Perhaps. But you have to admit it's pretty clean. Stay Posh!

{Good} Casual suiting
Cute. Questioning the shoe choice.  The nudes are not complimentary
But overall...still worth a share.  Also like that the whites are varying shades 
but still close enough to be consistent.

{Better} Denim overalls
Interesting shoe choice as well, 
probably would have done something slightly more substantial

images via: pinterest

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Posh Style! OOTD--The Shirt Dress

For unknown reasons this is one of the simplest yet appealing casual dress outfits a woman can wear. Someone I know has a great story about this...Stay Posh!

image via: atlantic/pacific

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Posh Style! Aging Gracefully

America is an age obsessed nation. Sometimes it's a way to relate (would we like the same things), most often benchmark (have you achieved more than me by x mythical age or do you look better than me blah blah blah).  The answer to that last question is yes btw...drink more water period end of story.

Often it's a a way to control...every notice how a lot of American women post 40 let their bodies and health go, start retreating to shapeless elastic clothing in awful prints (insert Chico's link) and cutting their hair into some sad looking bob/short cut/bun/wig/weave/fade/afro blah blah blah.

Or there's the woman that's the polar opposite--  this woman that refuses to "surrender" and parades around in too short dresses, skirts and shorts, still shops religiously at F21, often over tans, overtly/over sexualizes her persona, starts injecting herself with all manner of products. Fast forward 5 years Kim K--minus the F21 reference. All this behavior is reinforced by stupid commercials and fashion mags designed to make women feel irrelevant post 35.   There is also a male version of this...but not entirely relevant to this post..but equally sad...Sigh.

One of the advantages of melanin is that you don't wrinkle at the same rate as those that are melanin-challenged.  This combined this with youthful exuberance can basically make you a vampire.  Btw this has nothing to do with my point, just a rambling sidebar tinged with a little humble bragging. Anyway...this post was inspired by one of my favorite blogs advanced style.

Here are a few picts that reinforce you are only as old as you feel. Stay Posh!

Tracee Ellis Ross...enough said.

Basically obsessed because this is exactly how I will look at this age....

and this....Sarah Jane Adams, NYC

Quietly while both are extremely gorgeous...
basically all about Lisa! And I mean this says it all
Really confused by the outfits but Jason is FAF no matter what...Lenny who?

C-dawg because she's cool and her energy is infectious

images via: pinterest, well & good, advanced style

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Posh Style! OOTD

Also a little obsessed with these denim layers... Easy breezy. Stay Posh!

photos via: stuffshelikes

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Posh Life! Background Noise + Creative Flow

Really really ready for the new Frank Ocean album.  I've been playing Channel Orange on repeat these days.  Frank is basically a lyrical genius.  Geniusdom #goals.

With Frank's help my mind has been wandering to creative riffs on jewelry concepts. Making something old new again. I've gotten this far... what do you think? Buddha is excited.  Onyx, jasper and white jade...minimal a little luxe...dope dope dope. Stay Posh!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Posh Style! Denim looks for Spring + Summer

Spring and summer bring more casual looks. At the top of that list is always denim. There are a lot of pronouncements about which denim looks are dead.  Skinny jeans dead...uhhh not for those of us that need our legs to look really really really long.

Personally, I think all styles have a place in your every day look. What evolves the most is the relevancy of the wash.

The question is what look are you going for today?  I've collected a few of the trends and a couple of looks I plan to try.

classic flats + frayed hem

party in back + denim skirt

Boyfriend style fray + destroyed...
I'll basically burn up in the jacket but going to try it anyway

Wondering where to start shopping? For a super cool splurge try Mother or Maguire.

Retro dopeness (Maguire)

Modern cool Mother

images via: stuffshelikes, fmnuk, lacool&chic

Friday, April 8, 2016

Posh Beauty! Friday Face

This is a new weekly post that will showcase diverse forms of beauty.

We are all perfectly imperfect.

Stay Posh!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Posh Style! White Tee

Every Spring begins with this search.  The perfect tee...specifically white but also acceptable blue stripes, gray and of course black.  Goop did a pretty good round up of cool tee options. I'd totally pass on both of those Mother of Pearl options.  A little "too" for me.

I'm basically stalking EVERLANE right now.  As soon as I sell enough jewelry I plan on basically buying them out! Dear Everlane feel free to contact me.

What's your favorite tee brand?  Stay Posh!


Basically how I end up looking every day of summer

Wondering where to buy? Start here jamesperse casual tee. And of course here:

Everlane classic white tee

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Posh Style! Summer OOTD

Spring is in full effect here and we have our pollen covered cars to prove it. My mind is quickly turning to summer and outfits I want to live in...enjoy! Stay Posh!

Just CAF

Miami vacay 

Patio cocktails. and tapas...roomy and chic

Hot night out!

images via: lacool&chic, chanel bags and cigarettedrags

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Posh Obsession: Athleisure

So my life now offers much more flexibility than before.  I can schedule my workouts at any time of the day that works for me.  This has helped my fitness commitments A LOT.  But as I shifted workouts from an evening affair (and then straight home) the challenge became how to transition to lunch/ or the urgent errand.  Enter Athleisure.

I can't believe I'm saying this BUT I am really into this Athleisure trend. While I'm still not endorsing the "leggings" as's a bit "too much information" for my taste....BUT I can appreciate some well done athletic wear that transitions easily to a stylish street worthy outfit.  I've easily made the transition to brunch post Barre, and it was amazingly freeing.

Here are a few looks I'm loving:

Bey's Ivy Park

Zara athletic

Zara athletic

Athleta + Derek Lam Collabo