Posh Beauty! Bold Lips

I had a fairly addictive love affair with lipgloss. Sometime last Spring I became bored with the look and had a desire to experiment more with vibrant lip color.  A love affair was borne.

I settled on fuschia and red as by far the most flattering colors on me.  I love NARs velvet matte lip pencils for this look. They are bold, matte (but non-drying) and color riche. My favorite shades are Red Square, Pop Life, Cruella, Train Bleu and Dragon Girl.  I mix and match them interchangeably to create my own special shades (that's the kind of gal I am).

I think the pop of color is great for the winter. Just because everything else is brown it doesn't mean your make-up has to be too. Looking through the most recent issues of Vogue, Elle and Marie Claire this look will carry over into Spring.

Here are a few inspiring looks, Stay Posh! (PS most images are via le coil an amazing tumblr that appears to now be defunct)


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