Posh Obsessions! NARs 413 BLKR

My last trip to NY was amazing. After much prodding, I finally convinced my Mom to meet me there.  I'm often in NYC, but rarely as a tourist.  So, it was fun to explore the city with her doing just that--being a tourist.  We took in the major sights--the top of that stair thingy in Times Square, the Statue of Liberty and the top of the Empire State Building. Epic.

On our last day, I dragged her to my monuments, the Carrie Bradshaw townhouse, Jimmy Choo and of course the NARs store at 413 Bleecker.  Enter the NARs 413 BLKR collection. Died.  It totally captured the essence of that store and experience. I  will definitely add this to the collection.  I am loving the  larger than life gloss and shadow.  Stay Posh!

413 BLKR

413 Bleecker


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