Posh Night Out! Woodfire Grill

So I don't normally blog about food. But I had to rave about a recent 5-course feast and champagne tasting at Woodfire Grill that I shared with a fellow blogger SASoffer at EatDrinkRepeat.

I am a pescatarian so it was refreshing to find out that Woodfire Grill offered a pesci version of their 5-course tasting.  More often than not, when I go to a better restaurants of this caliber we veggie/pesci's are often left to chance (think uninspired veggie plates...bleh!) as if we don't deserve good food too! Are you sure you wouldn't like a side of bacon with that. Yes I am sure. and. No. I would not.

However, at Woodfire the menu was well thought out and I did not feel slighted in the least.  Suffice to say we ate very very very well.  (And yes SAS I stand by the fact that although DELISH that toffee pudding put us over the top).

Here are a few picts of my favorite courses.  Now admittedly I am not a food photographer but take my word for it, pure yumminess.  Oh and my new fav champagne? A gorgeous Rose from Dosnon  & Lepage. No picts of that though, it went very quickly.  Stay Posh!

classic cocktails

Carnaroli rosotto, smoked local green beens, early cheddar frico

Crispy north carolina trout, chilled lady pea salad.
pickled onions. capers aioli.

pan roasted washington state halibut.roasted beet puree.
mustard greens. citrus and fennel salad. fennel pollen


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