Posh Obsessions! Illamasqua Lip Color

OK I am  pretty much singularly a NARs devotee.  You have to be delivering a pretty spectacular product to sway me.  Enter Illamasqua, the cult British beauty brand dedicated to self-expression through make up art. Or so says the website.

I don't know about that, but I do not that the lip colors are bold, coverage is smooth and there is a creamy matte consistency that I love.  Illamasqua is not however for the faint of heart--the colors are intensely pigmented. If you prefer less intense color I recommend a gloss overlay. There are a range of colors to choose from...I gravitated toward the nudes, corals and reds because they work for me. I like the idea of these brights against the impending dark colors for the fall and winter seasons.

A major haul happened at Sephora, tisk tisk. Here is peek at what I got. Lipsticks retail at $22.  Oh, and I am officially obsessed. Stay Posh!

Matte but creamy...priming w/lip balm recommended

Obey and Plunge

Obey + Plunge + Brink

Gorgeous simple packaging


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