Posh Style! Trend of Moment: Peplum

Peplum made it's debut in the Spring 2012 shows but it appears to be picking up steam and making its way toward a poshinista near you.  I love the shape shifting nature of this style...who doesn't want their waist to appear smaller.  The look is also curve-friendly and actually works a lot better for those of us with natural curves.  My fellow curvy poshinistas take heed and full advantage,  it doesn't happen often that fashion is on our side. Stay Posh!

Gorgeous Celine bag & lush Miu Miu platforms are not lost on me. Work.

A little H&M on the top with a dash of Zara on the bottom

 All images via so posh!


  1. celine bags are cute and also classy, no women would say no to them!


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