Posh Style: Paris Vintage w/ side of Fleas!

I have a confession. I am not the most prolific vintage shopper.  Gasp.

Something about the digging, dust and smell is a bit of a turnoff for me. It requires the right mood and proper dedication.  However, huge exceptions were made in Paris.  I mean it's Paris. I made friends with a few vintage stores & scored errr ummm an Hermes scarf AND a vintage fur coat (ask me where I am wearing it. Hell if I know. More on that later). So posh though.

A trip to Vanves flea market (in the 14th I believe) produced a vintage python leather clutch, old french papers and postcards that I will frame and gorgeous antique jewelry pieces NOT to be seen anywhere else on anyone else. Yay.  Officially a fan. Well at least in Paris.   Stay Posh!

Gorgeous vintage collection IMO one of the best
Apparently a lot of vintage Chanel ladies..but alas I missed it.

Look at the stash...would have bought
everything if I could have

Le final score


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