Posh Style! Trend Alert: Novelty Sweaters

Sooo I think I am officially a fan of novelty sweaters (read-- cute animals, phrases, designs etc.).  Shocker. Upon first discovery I must say I immediately had flashbacks to the "catch-phrase" t-shirt era...where all manner of people (ages 5-65) were sporting them in the hopes of being the cleverest wearer of the day. Sigh.  It was cute for about two weeks.

Having acquiesced to this current trend, I do still recognize that this has the enormous potential to get old really really quickly...think Coogi cartoon sweaters (if you don't know or remember google it). Whoah. I suggest if you are interested you quickly get in, and then get out.

Here are a few poshinistas getting it right...Stay Posh!



Tres Chic

That Chick


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