Posh Possessions! Sale Alert: Target/Neiman's Collabo

So apparently, I was one of the few people digging this collabo as evidenced by the fact that the Target/Neiman's collection is now 50% off in stores and online.  Just in time for the holidays. Thank you!

Some of the consumer comments were that the quality did not match the price. I find that with all of the collections.  Certainly, every piece is not a star but there are always a few gems to be found especially at the price point.  I mean it's faux couture, not the real deal--give me a break.  Admittedly, in this collection there were a few items that raised eyebrows with regard to price ($250 bicycle no thank you!).  However, my favorite item in the collection was the Joseph Altuzarra bar set--which is a fabulous deal at the sale price. Got it.

I love the vintage feel of the set and the posh gold accents. I am excited to have another get together where I can break this set out.  I highly suggest you visit target fast. Especially, if you had your eye on something initially but were put off by the prices. Stay Posh!

Currently $25-$40 per set item (tray, glasses, shaker)


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