Posh Style! Please don't touch

Don't touch my hair.

I love this video because it says so much with one little gesture.  I know exactly how she feels because this happens to me a lot. In fact, just the other day.  It's a strange thing to experience--someone that you don't know just walking up and putting THIER hands in YOUR hair.  I am generally so respectful of people's personal space that it astounds me how much people cannot be.

For those that don't know it is absolutely not cool for you to touch my hair or any woman's hair without permission.  To me it generally communicates on some level a complete lack of respect. I do understand that some people find "our" natural hair texture in it's many forms "fascinating" (side-eye/double eye roll). But really when it comes down to it--is it? Nonetheless, guess what...I prefer that you work it out on your own.

But if you prefer not to heed good advice, I hope you like life with one hand lol. Stay Posh!


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