Posh Possessions! Converse Studded Leather Sneaker

Ummm ok I haven't done one of these posts in a while but here goes.  So I walked into Bloomies with my focus purely on grabbing some of the new NARs  Satin lip pencils.  First let me say those lip pencils are epic.  More on that later.  Anyhoo, on my way out I saw these beauties and thought...I must take these home.  They were sold out except for this pair...and of course...they were my size.  Love it when that happens!

If you follow this blog you know I'm more stilettos than sneakers but sometimes you just got to mix it up.  I also love these for casual errand days or vacay travel.  Of course they are posh, classic (I mean they are converse) but they will also prevent me from buying the Sandro, Paris version which are about 6 times the price.  Hmmm fabulous and fiscally sound...who can ask for more.  Stay Posh!


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