Posh Possessions! Alexandra Abraham Bangle

This next share is oh so posh!  I recently discovered London based designer/painter Alexandra Abraham who uses found objects like old china, semi-precious stones, vintage buttons, sea glass (just to name a few) to create stunning hand crafted, and incredibly one-of-a-kind bangles (and broaches and paintings and...). According to Alexandra via Twitter, my bangles include a button from her Granny's collection and a golden god figurine from Vietnam.  (P.S. I think it's really cool that she responds directly if you send her a tweet)

Abraham says she enjoys the process of “turning the lost and the forgotten into something exquisite”. (LOVE that) She recently partnered with Anthropologie on a set of bangles that are now sold out but you can find  her collection featured on her website.  Support artists and Stay Posh!!

little bit of this a little bit of that
my own arm art

signed and dated (uniquely mine!)


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