Posh Style! Summer Cool: Baseball Caps

Posh style alert, baseball caps. I've been tracking this for a while and it seems to be surfacing to the masses. Fashionista bloggers from coast-to-coast are embracing it.....

 JCrew recently did another take on it with a gorgeous silk maxi dress in their most recent style guide.  ....Seems to be a mash up of streetstyle +hip-hp influence+ prep.  Sporty. Chic.

Kind of cute and kind of fun. It's a nice route to go on bad hair days :) . Try JCrew for a cool vintage version. Stay Posh!

Asos (hat) + Zara (outfit) --C'est Chic
(via wdiw)

Rhianna rocking it in it's purest form (via wdiw)

JCrew Style Guide

Chic+ sport (via web)



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