Posh Travel! Week's Moods and Moments

So as I mentioned in my earlier post,  I've been on a little hiatus due to a myriad of stress, life events and travel (some business some for pleasure) --there was just some general life balance that needed to happen.

But the good news is I was documenting along the way so here are few of my favorite moments from my travels to NYC to Cincy to NYC and back. Strong reminders that we can be a beautiful country.  Oddly, there was not shopping involved still not sure what was up with that.  Anyway, Stay Posh!

street view from restaurant in brooklyn

yummy goodness at juvia nyc

one man's trash is another man's treasure--
park slope flea market

picturesque street in brooklyn's park slope

new pillow love at home
pillow #154
bling bling

brooklyn grillz
keepin it trill

awesome artwork at a news office in NYC

yes you can still drink rose and still be a bad a**--hilarious commode 
'art' in cincy and btw good to know

artwork at the museum hotel--obsessed
humanizing the grandeur, beauty and natural power of black men

saturday selfie #downtime 
waiting on something or someone


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