Posh Obsessions! Maybelline Vivids

Mark this day Poshinistas, it is not often you will hear me gushing about drug store makeup.  Yes, I do dabble on the other side occasionally but when I do, it usually doesn't warrant gushing.  

Enter Maybelline Color Sensational Vivid lippies!!! Wowza.  So here's how the story goes...I was having a decidedly plum moment for a recent night out.  But given the fact it was a moment I didn't want to spend a ton on a premium lip color. So I plunked down $6 at Target for one of these (see exhibit A). One vivid dinner and three additional colors later-- I. was. hooked! 

Creamy (honey additive), staying power (the non drying kind), VIVID and highly pigmented (read true color). Needless to say, I'm impressed. Are drug store make-up brands upping their game? I think so.  Now don't get crazy.  I see where you think this is going...but nothing will ever replace my first love...NARS, my new best friend YSL and my future husband Tom Ford.  But I've seen the light in this instance.  PS I think these are also great options for a night out, a beach vacation,  pool party, hiking trip (what you don't take lipstick with you?) or any other situation that usually lends itself to a lost lippie.  This is a much less heart wrenching alternative than the loss of it's $25++ siblings. Stay Posh!

Exhibit A-Brazen Berry


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