Posh Style! HM Online Shopping

So it happened.  One of the most famous purveyors of value-driven chic has finally, finally, finally made itself available to the online world. Two letters HM. This is important to me (and probably you) for three reasons:
  1. The HM store here (or anywhere) is only to be braved during the week (usually at work or at gym) weekends (good luck--pandemonium).
  2. I am an avid shopper HOWEVER,  I don't have time to set my calendar for shipment arrivals days so...I never find my size when I do make it there.
  3. I often miss out on the good stuff, the capsule collections--for the reason above.
Happy to say this could all possibly change.  Below are a few of my favorite looks.  I will say it's a lot of merchandise to navigate so the best way to approach the site is have an item/idea in mind.  HAPPY SHOPPING!!!! Stay posh.

 Look #1
"leather" skirt

Look #2
Lace sweatshirt

Look #3
Jersey blazer 


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