Posh Travel: Lisboa, Lisbon...Get there!

Whoa I am in love.

I recently had the fortune of traveling to Lisbon or Lisboa as it were on a whim to meet a fellow world traveler. What started as a casual conversation in Panama turned into a love affair with Portugal.  Funny how love works, always when you least expect it.

Lisbon, the capital of Portugal,  has a rich history that dates back to at least 1200 years BC.  Lisbon is a port city and surrounded by water.  Love. It also has many hills that make the landscape very picturesque. Love. It is small but mighty. Love.

One of things I also loved about this city was it's comfort with the wear and tear of time.  Intentional or not there was something romantic about the fact that every building hadn't been renovated within an inch of their past lives. Instead, some were allowed to to age--or crumble perhaps-- gracefully.

Ladies something to think about...sometimes the face filled with lines is more interesting than the face filled with silicone or botox or whatever your poison may be.  But I digress...there was so much to appreciate about this affordable city from the food, the wine (port) to the people.  Definitely, worth a visit if you find yourself in search of a different type of European escape. Stay Posh!


street corner

Beautiful suspension bridge 
that rivaled San Fran's Golden Gate

Beautifully imperfect

Lisbon's tube

Street art-famous woman whose name
escapes :)

Sidewalks were paved in tiles
So special. 


beautiful alley way 


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