Posh Style! Talking Basics

I am often asked what constitutes the perfect closet.  While I am far too undisciplined about shopping (so much to love!) to have a capsule wardrobe --I do practice the foundational basics so everything else is CREAM.  Here it goes...and yes you're welcome.

Capsule Wardrobe: The Basics

  1. The perfect white t-shirt.
  2. A cashmere sweater.
  3. A cotton shirt.
  4. A silk or lace evening shirt.
  5. A pencil skirt (one that fits your style and hugs your frame).
  6. A classic black suit.
  7. Boyfriend jeans (blue and worn in).
  8. Skinny black/dark gray jeans.
  9. A leather jacket. 
  10. A classic wool coat.

Shoe Rules

  1. Perfect black pumps.
  2. Classic trainers.
  3. Black boots (booties or knee high).
  4. A statement shoe.
  5. Brown wedge sandals.
  6. Nude pump.
  7. Flat metallic sandals.
  8. Black ballet flats.
  9. Stiletto sandal.
  10. Flat riding boots.

The Shopping Rules (when your closet is bursting)

  1. Can’t live without this. 
  2. This goes with everything 
  3. I would wear this until it falls apart.
  4. The missing link
  5. This will last forever or at the very least for a very long time.


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