Posh Obsessions: Finding my way Part 2 > Societe Urbane

May I introduce Société Urbane?

In thinking about what I wanted to embark upon next, I went back to the basic tenets: who are you, what would you do if no one paid you, what do you love, by what principles and values do you want to live your life?  And most importantly do you want those dictated to you? (uhhh no).  

And yes of course the answers were familiar... success, the good life, love and happiness.  But it was also beauty.  I’ve always been attracted to beauty and how I can create it in the unlikeliest of circumstances. Picking the best from the worst, mixing high/low and sometimes just plain low/low... before it was a thing.  Or as my friend put it "making everything look good..." (Thx love!).

As my style POV has evolved,  I realized my two ultimate loves stood staunchly in two disparate camps...'minimalism' and 'boho chic'.  Quite an interesting intersection...well did you read my post yesterday?  And what do I love most? Accessories and shoes.  Well I wasn't interested in pursuing a career in the fine art of cobbling (well at least not yet), but I knew that I had a innate ability to make jewelry.  No, I'm not smelting anything quite yet but I do make a mad loop. 

The ultimate aesthetic of what I hope to achieve with Société Urbane  is mixing the coolest elements of both minimalism/boho chic and seeing what evolves.  It's certainly not easy and has been an interesting creative process.  But one I have say I have loved.  I'm working on creating new pieces over next month or so and evolving my shop.  Stay tuned to the journey and evolution. For more info follow me on Insta @SocieteUrbane and see the store at www.etsy.com/shop/societeurbane. Stay Posh!


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