Posh Obsession! NARS: 2016 Summer Collection

Anyone that reads this blog or knows me is aware of the fact that I am a big NARS fan.  I have been for years.  Prior to discovering NARS I experimented very little with make-up.  For brown girls it was always a disappointing affair to buy something that looked so gorgeous in the ad or in the tube at the drugstore and have it end up being nothing close to cute or special on you...sigh.

MAC and NARS (and Prescriptives--long since gone) were the first mega mainstream brands to acknowledge that brown girls existed.  Yes, there were niche 'specialty' brands that served this purpose or big brands that offered "shade dark." But who wants to always be relegated to some special section in the department store to purchase "your products" or have two items to choose from in a collection that encompasses over 40! Or worse still look at the panicked look of the makeup artist who is unaccustomed to dealing with a variety of skin tones.  Don't get me started on the hair products being on the last dusty shelf. Thank you Target for fixing that nonsense. 

While I like MAC,  I LOVE  NARS.  The brand spoke to me from first intro.  From the chic matte black packaging,  the fashion cred of its creator, the on trend color selection and of course the iconic perfection of the products (Dragon Girl, Orgasm, Love Joy check); the product albeit pricy reeked of understated high-end quality.  And the pigmentation! Colors that popped instead of going ashy and milling so fine the product would glide on... NARS was legit and he/they agreed I was legit too...worthy of being celebrated in their brand's wider spectrum of what beauty is or can be... truly. With that in mind I stay loyal to this brand always.

I think their new Summer Collection is fun. Truth be told I got drawn in on this one because OMG the packaging.  But, yes I'm excited about the two summer red lippies which look to be the best suited for my skin tone...BUT I'm most excited about getting my hands on #prettybrowngirl box.

View the full NARS  2016 Color Collection here available now in stores and online.

Gorgeous packaging designed by Konstantin Kakanias


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