Posh Quotes! Monday Motivation: The Time is Now

This whole Prince thing has cast a shadow on things…I needed time to process.  I used to side eye at the old documentaries where people were going nuts over death of John Lennon and Elvis. But now I understand it a bit more. Between Prince, Michael Jackson and Whitney that was my youth.  All gone fairly quickly and some would argue before their time. 

Prince had just performed in my city for two nights.  I passed on seeing him thinking this wasn't the best time to spend money on a pricey concert ticket. Plus, I've seen him perform 3 times before in super intimate settings.  Yes, I've lived a pretty charmed life-- realizing that more and more.  

Presumptively, I hypothesized that I'd have at least one more chance to see him in life before he officially hung up his purple heeled boots. He's in his 50s still in great shape, looking good, voice still strong... So wrong, obviously. I won't say I regret not seeing him.  I kind of like the fact that the image of him that always floats to the top is one of him looking gorgeous and youthful performing in a small club on South Beach, Miami...close enough for me to touch him. I may have touched him, I was too high on life to tell...was it a dream? Was it real...?  Hair flowing, eyeliner poppin , heel game stronger than mine...that's how I choose to remember him. 

I've been working a lot lately on not procrastinating.  This applies to not just the mundane things in life but also the big ones...should I take the trip or not...should I say what I am feeling or wait for a better time..is now the right time to change careers.   More and more the universe keeps affirming now is the time. Tomorrow is not promised.  

If there is something you want to do in life start doing the work of figuring out how to get it done.  Want to go to Paris before you die...start stalking the budget travel sites, if getting the body that deserves to be shown off in a bikini is important to you--put the bucket of ice cream down,  reconciliation with a family member--make the call,  always wanted to take music lessons... check out the schedule at your local community college...the list goes on...  If you want it (and it serves you), do it now.   Stay Posh!

            "Life is death without taking chances” (Prince 1984)


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