Posh Style! Aging Gracefully

America is an age obsessed nation. Sometimes it's a way to relate (would we like the same things), most often benchmark (have you achieved more than me by x mythical age or do you look better than me blah blah blah).  The answer to that last question is yes btw...drink more water period end of story.

Often it's a a way to control...every notice how a lot of American women post 40 let their bodies and health go, start retreating to shapeless elastic clothing in awful prints (insert Chico's link) and cutting their hair into some sad looking bob/short cut/bun/wig/weave/fade/afro blah blah blah.

Or there's the woman that's the polar opposite--  this woman that refuses to "surrender" and parades around in too short dresses, skirts and shorts, still shops religiously at F21, often over tans, overtly/over sexualizes her persona, starts injecting herself with all manner of products. Fast forward 5 years Kim K--minus the F21 reference. All this behavior is reinforced by stupid commercials and fashion mags designed to make women feel irrelevant post 35.   There is also a male version of this...but not entirely relevant to this post..but equally sad...Sigh.

One of the advantages of melanin is that you don't wrinkle at the same rate as those that are melanin-challenged.  This combined this with youthful exuberance can basically make you a vampire.  Btw this has nothing to do with my point, just a rambling sidebar tinged with a little humble bragging. Anyway...this post was inspired by one of my favorite blogs advanced style.

Here are a few picts that reinforce you are only as old as you feel. Stay Posh!

Tracee Ellis Ross...enough said.

Basically obsessed because this is exactly how I will look at this age....

and this....Sarah Jane Adams, NYC

Quietly while both are extremely gorgeous...
basically all about Lisa! And I mean this says it all
Really confused by the outfits but Jason is FAF no matter what...Lenny who?

C-dawg because she's cool and her energy is infectious

images via: pinterest, well & good, advanced style


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