Posh Beauty! I LOVE Your Hair

I LOVE YOUR HAIR!!!!! Uhhohhh here it comes..."How do you get it to do THAT?

I've posted a couple times about my hair.  It's a phenomenon for some people. This is strange to me because...it is just my hair...that grows out of my head (just like yours btw)...but nonetheless I am forced into daily conversations about it. And in most instances it is with people that I would couch with having an unhealthy curiosity.

Some people revel in sharing the minutiue of how they get their hair to do certain things--there is a whole YouTube industry dedicated to it in fact.  But for me there are a myriad of other things I'd rather talk about other than my hair--like how obsessed I am with that cat from Expedition Unknown on the Travel Channel. That dude is hilarious.  But I digress... In fact, the whole reason I let my hair do it's natural thing was because I didn't want to think about it or spend anymore time on it than necessary. But still the fascination persists.

Recently,  I watched a women have a ten minute conversation with my Barre instructor about her new braids.  First of all seriously? Braids have been around for EONs.  I questioned whether this was the first time the woman felt "comfortable" enough to "have the conversation." If so....well...never mind I should just leave that unsaid.  But again this conversation is/was btw was unnecessary because all manner of the how and why can be found readily on the internet (specifically YouTube--if you find yourself to be one of the morbidly curious simply search "natural hair" see what comes up).  

Nonetheless she persisted, so then it led me to my second question --Was she GETTING braids..the answer is hell no.  If you haven't guessed she was a very straight haired brunette.  Anyway the essence of my point here is that people should be able to generally do what they want to their hair and go about their business. AND they should not have to share their haircare routine with the world--unless they choose or are getting paid to do so.  Pay the compliment and keep it moving. 

Apparently, DOVE agrees with my somewhat salient point.  While I don't use Dove hair products (currently),  I do love the sentiment of what they are trying to do here so I thought their new campaign was worth a post...  Again, might I suggest paying the compliment and then carrying on with your day?

Call it a teaching moment.  You are welcome.  Stay Posh!


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