Posh Style Alert! It's Officially Sandal Time--- Yassss!

So umm, full disclosure.  I have been attempting to let my toenails "breathe."  I don't think they'd seen the light of day for years due to fairly religiously consistent pedicures.  I decided one day that couldn't be good, so I've been going au natural for about 6 months.

Let's just say I'm getting used to it.  No polish is a weird one for me, it's like no lipstick in public.  Nonetheless,  I am still excited for sandal season.  I've chosen a few of my favorite looks.  Stay Posh!

High heeled sandal in unexpected (read hard to wear) color 

Miss B... in mules from ASOS

Madewell slip ons --LOVE! 

Images via: Madewell, Atlantic Pacific and WDUGT


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