Posh Style! Hanging Loose


Maybe it's my rebellious tendency to go left when everyone else is going right...but I love wearing a good tunic or peasant blouse during the summer.

I know this goes against the popular style tastes for summer.  In general practice, summer style for the masses is baring everything within an inch of public nudity.  BT-dubs less clothing doesn't correlate with being cooler.  It's about fabric choices (breathability) and weight. Really? Yes really. Plus think of how much you could save in sunscreen!

Both feminine and demure--I think these looks are winners. Stay Posh!

Tosha via Bambi's Armoire

Classic Blk

mixing it up

Your Turn

Jcrew  Mariner Style
Nordstrom Peasant Perfection
FreePeople Military Inspired

images via: pinterest and bambi's armoire


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